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The ONLY Diet Shown to Prevent/Cure Disease

From the time a scientific study is done until the results make their way through the system and arrive at your doctors’ offices in the form of recommendations and advice, takes about a decade. Imagine, ten years before important information about your health reaches you. This decade has finally passed for some of the most important lifesaving information about the benefits of eating a plant-based low-fat diet. This is a diet plan that any of us can adopt to lower or completely eliminate the risk of the 3 biggest causes of death in the U. S.

Want to stop Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes from afflicting your and your family’s life? A vegan diet will do just that. Neal Barnard MD, president and founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has not been waiting all this time, for the results of his and other researchers to reach the public. He has led the charge to educate the public about the simple ways individuals can make easy lifestyle choices with a huge impact on their health.

With about a decade of experience as a vegan, I love sharing monthly potlucks at World Peace Yoga to educate, build community and exchange recipes and good times. People show up who have never eaten vegan before, others curious or newbie vegans and some, like vegan chef, Mark Stroud, have multiple decades experience eating and cooking experience to share.

Patients and yoga students are welcome to join and bring friends to this 1st Mondays monthly, public event at World Peace Yoga.

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