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Mindfulness, the Power of Meditation

Back in the 90’s Jon Kabat Zinn, MIT-trained founder of the Mindfulness in Medicine Center, began to work with his chronic pain patients using something he had learned from his Buddhist studies, meditation. Today, mindfulness meditation is an important part of pain clinic therapy world-wide.

Soon to follow, patients with addictions from prescription drugs to alcohol and obsessive food consumption began to discover the almost magical way facing head on, the emotions and sensations of the body, as taught in mindfulness meditation are able, with consistency and regularity, to dissolve obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. Research regales the effects of mindfulness meditation in the management and treatment of depression, anxiety, OCD and other psychological disorders so widely suffered in our high stress culture. Even those who haven’t reach the degree of a medical condition can benefit from the relief of stress and those looking for insights, spiritual inspiration and just a happier life report mindfulness meditation as a formidable ally.

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