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Kitchen Medicine

“First let food be your medicine.” ~Chinese proverb

Did you know that the thyme in the soup your Granny gave you for your cold has been shown to be one of the best natural antibiotics? Many of the foods and spices right in our own kitchens make powerful healing potions.

Don’t be fooled by how safe these foods are; many are quite effective at restoring us to good health. The safety is just a bonus, along with the inexpensive price and convenience of picking them up at your local farmer’s market or health food store. I recommend Clifton Natural Foods, where you’ll find a knowledgeable staff and rich community who will truly care about the health of you and your family.

Prevention, a very important, empowering and often overlooked aspect of foods in maintaining a healthy body. A vegan diet, as I explained in a previous blog, is the only diet to be scientifically demonstrated to cure disease, so it’s not hard to imagine how great it is in preventing many of the diseases on the rise do to SAD, the Standard American Diet.

Below are a few favorites foods of mine which you can get started with, but I encourage you to explore your own kitchen and some of the resources provided to regularly add to and vary your repertoire. Healthy eating❣️


Thyme, Infections

Cinnamon, Colds

Fennel, GI issues

Chamomile, Anxiety

Berries, Brain food

Tomatoes , Cancer

Pear nectar, Cold asthma

Watermelon, Summer heatstroke

Ferments, Microbiome

Soy, Heart disease

Apple, Fiber

Tropical fruits, Vitamins

Broccoli , Cancer

Vinegar, Blood sugar


Resources to explore; have fun!

How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD

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