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About Chinese Herbs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, disease is seen as an imbalance in the body and its systems. To treat these imbalances, a formula of herbs is prescribed to bring the body back into harmony, allowing natural healing to occur. TCM practitioners, like Donna, will look to your pulses, complexion, temperature preferences, cravings and more to develop a clear understanding of your unique constitution and current pathology.


From this awareness a specific formula will be created just for your body at that particular time, making revisions as improvement occurs. With clinical training, career experience and her degree in cell & molecular biology, Donna is truly able to integrate Western disease symptoms into her Eastern medicine practice to bring you a world of difference in your treatment and experience. She is happy to discuss your specific questions or concerns anytime.

How Herbs Work

In the ancient Chinese medicine classic, from over 2000 years ago, it states, "If something is vacuous, it should be supplemented; if something is replete, it should be drained; if too dry, moistened; if too wet, dried; if too hot, cooled; if too cold, warmed." So Chinese herbs are used in many ways to bring balance and harmony to the complex integration of bodily systems, allowing natural healing to occur.


While we in the West are accustomed to taking one pill for headaches, another for upset stomach, something different for a cold...and so on, in Chinese medicine, we learn to read the signs of the body's imbalances as well as its symptoms to create complex combinations of herbs, called formulas, to address the symptoms as well as the imbalances that lead to the disharmony, or disease, thus encouraging the body to heal in the ways it is uniquely qualified to do.

Some of the herbs in stronger formulas will be added to help moderate it, mitigating any unwanted effects. If you have any questions or concerns about how Chinese herbs might help bring balanced health to you, please call or text Donna anytime at (513) 324-0955.

What Herbs Treat

Chinese herbal medicine has been the primary care for most of Asia, in some form, for millennia, and is still being used in hospitals, clinics, and private practice today.

In the West, its popularity, spawned by Western medical research proving its effectiveness, is flourishing. We now have a Chinese herbal dispensary in Cleveland Clinic.

Chinese medicine can treat all systems of the body including respiratory, from colds and flu to asthma; digestive issues from food poisoning to chronic bowel syndromes; gynecological issues from fertility to menopause; psychological concerns from anxiety and depression to addictions of all sorts and more.

If you have any questions about conditions you may be dealing with and wondering if Chinese herbal therapy might help, please call or text Donna anytime at (513) 324-0955.

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