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Yoga with Donna
@ World Peace Yoga

At World Peace Yoga, we know it takes a comprehensive approach to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Donna offers meditation training and support as part of any patient relationship. iRest Yoga Nidra is an easily learned guided meditation which can bring simple relief of stress and anxiety or profound deep insight. Other styles include mindfulness for pain or addiction and transcendental meditation for depression, stress, and spiritual growth.




Yin Yoga, from the Daoist Tradition, is for recovery and restoration, most valued by those getting over an illness or injury or easing into a yoga practice for the first time or after a hiatus, but many of us just love Yoga Nidra as a relaxing treat and part of our self-care regimen. You will too; come join in!

Yoga accessibility for all body types and conditions is an important aspect of the community at World Peace Yoga. Donna offers tips and tricks as well as a sense of belonging in her Yoga Basics for Bigger Bodies classes. Come for the friendships, to enhance your current practice or even to get started in yoga for the first time.

Nutrition is an important part of Donna's training and scope of practice. A plant-based compassionate, vegan diet has, now, been shown to be the gold standard of healthy eating. It is the only diet to conclusively demonstrate the ability to prevent disease, heart disease, in particular.

Donna, and the World Peace Yoga community, models and teaches how to establish a healthy way of eating and provides support to maintain it, such as monthly vegan potluck dinners. Please sit down at the table with us soon; you are always welcome.

Qi Gong means moving or playing with Qi. When the vitality of our body is low, we are out of the flow. The slow, whole-body movements of Qi Gong were developed by Daoist monks thousands of years ago and are the foundation of all martial arts today, but Qi Gong moves the energy, Qi, of the body for health, vitality, and longevity.


It can be practiced by anyone and Donna can gear your practice to your specific health needs.

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